Grip Patterns

Grip Patterns

Grabbing Hold of Life

The Nexus Hand is the most advanced of its kind for the intuitive default grip patterning that it offers in addition to the grip-mapping capabilities that allows the user to input custom-made gesturing into their device with their clinician. Hands are tools people often take for granted, but they are capable of so much!

We at COVVI understand that and want you to get to know each of the grip patterns as if they were your closest companion.

Opposed Grips

Covvi Grip Patterns - Power Grip

Power Grip

The four fingers flex towards the palm around an object with the thumb completing the grip by locking over the first two fingers. This is a stable grip for when holding heavier items but it is also great for daily and manual tasks such as carrying bags, pushing a shopping cart or mowing the lawn.

Covvi Grip Patterns - Precision Grip

Tripod Grip

This grip uses the thumb and first two fingers to hold objects. The thumb moves to a fixed position and the first and second fingers clamp the object against the thumb. Active finger tracking ensures a reliable and stable grip.

Covvi Grip Patterns - Trigger Grip

Trigger Grip

This grip is for the use of trigger operated objects such as spray bottles or a power drill. It features an extended index finger used to activate a trigger while the rest of the fingers flex in towards the palm around the object and the thumb closes around the object to hold it steady. The index finger can then flex to work the trigger.

Covvi Grip Patterns - Pinch Grip

Precision Grip

This grip uses the thumb and first finger to hold small objects. The thumb moves to a fixed position and the first finger clamps the object against the thumb which facilitates the user as it doesn’t require simultaneous movement of the hand and the fingers.

Unopposed Grips

Covvi Grip Patterns - Key/Card Grip

Key/Card Grip

All four fingers partially flex to provide a stable platform and the thumb moves to an unopposed position against the side of the first finger. This grip is for holding thin objects like credit cards or keys and can be used in domestic tasks such as carrying plates.

Covvi Grip Patterns - Finger Point Grip

Finger Point Grip

The index finger remains extended while the rest of the fingers and the thumb flex in to the palm. This grip enables the user to press buttons, point and use a smartphone.