Our Innovative Control Centre

The aim of our app is to make users and clinicians’ lives easier when setting up the Nexus Hand.

Our very own software team started with the primary objective of ensuring we delivered a state of the art, intuitive application that would allow any clinician to configure your hand(s) without complication and the need for any additional accessories.

The Benefits of COVVI Go

This software operates across both tablets and smartphone platforms and is accessible via both Apple and Android devices, giving users quick access at any time whilst saving the hassle of having to set up multiple accounts.

COVVI Go is the control centre for the Nexus Hand; it allows the user to manage input settings, grip switch triggers and measuring input whilst allowing for troubleshooting in the event of any potential faults. From here, you can check details about your hand, change grips on the go and enable firmware updates. For potential users, we also have a virtual Nexus Hand available to test control strategies.

COVVI Go App: Download On Apple App Store | COVVI Ltd

COVVI Go App: Get It On Google Play Store | COVVI Ltd

For the full guide on how to use the COVVI Go App and its features you can view the presentation below:

COVVI Go App – Companion Booklet

If the presentation isn’t displaying correctly, you can download a PDF version by clicking here.